Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Freedom Over Fear

It seems to me that so much of our lives can be consumed with fear. The obvious problem with this is that it is impossible to be both afraid and free at the same time! Fears freeze us. As a matter of fact I have heard (and seen) that extreme fears can actually freeze us to the point of clinical depression. I tend to believe that as I have seen lives frozen to the point of depression with those who have been very close to me. We can allow any emotion to control us, and fear is no exception. The problem with attempting to overcome our fears is that they are based on reality, both real and perceived.
After the attacks on September 11th, as a nation our fear level was heightened. As a matter of fact there were then certain colors assigned to our national security, which either calmed or intensified our fears, depending on each person's perspective. Even with the death of Usama Bin Laden, our security fears are not alleviated. So, what's my point here?
My point is this: fears do not have to rule us, nor should they usurp our freedom. One of my favorite movies is  Ghost Rider. I know, I know, it's strange. Near the end of this movie when Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage) confronts the devil, he says this: "You can't live in fear!" Johnny Blaze spoke the truth! You see, fears are natural, but we cannot let them become our life, our very existence. Hence, we cannot live in fear. Jesus said in John 10:10 "I have come that they may have life, and have it with abundance." The original word here in Greek is zoe and it means a real, full life. So, between Johnny Blaze and Jesus' Word (which of course has real authority) I think we can see that we can make choices that will help us to live real life. We have to make a conscious choice that we will not allow anything in our circumstances rule us. Fear is circumstantial. Freedom comes from living above our circumstances. For me that means trusting God when He says: Fear Not!! And when He tells me that His perfect love for me will drive any fear away. So, as I adjust my thoughts and change my mind, I realize that I do not have to be controlled by my fears.
This is just a start and I know often it is much more complicated than this. But, take a bite, chew on it for a while and see how tasty this freedom from fear can be.
Until next time. God bless you,